Celebrating 35 Years of Putting Picnics to Shame


We started from the bottom, and now we are here.

A Brief History of Taste of Edmonton

Taste of Edmonton started with humble beginnings in 1984 and started off small, with only 6 restaurants and running for two days. This convention setting event grew popularity and over time, evolved into an 11-day summer festival Edmonton tradition. Fast forward 35 years, Taste of Edmonton now collaborates with 50+ local restaurants, 10 days of free live concerts, featuring Canadian artists, and a whole lot of happy tummies and memories. 

Taste of Edmonton Impact

Taste of Edmonton loves supporting local! From local eats in #YEG to having 30 live Canadian artists, this event brings people together and celebrates all the experiences Edmonton can offer. 

Underground Tap and Grill

Taste of Edmonton greatly supports and cares about their vendors. One particular restaurant, the Underground Tap and Grill. During their first year at Taste of Edmonton, they served a bowl of soup and a salad. Since the dishes they had barely showcased what the restaurant has to offer, the restaurant did poorly and was in the bottom tier of Taste of Edmonton sales. However, during their second year with Taste of Edmonton, they offered Buffalo sliders and made a huge turnaround. The sliders were within the top 25% of Taste of Edmonton sales and made a mark on participants. Soon after, the buffalo sliders became their #1 menu item in their restaurant.  


Taste of Change

There were two major revolutionary changes to the Taste of Edmonton experience.

Changing the portions

Taste of Edmonton started off with bigger portions, almost full meals and sold them for around 5 tickets. Which, would make people full after visiting one booth. This conflicted with the whole idea of having a taste of a variety. This influenced the big change to sample size and selling them for 3 tickets each. At first, restaurant owners were reluctant to change their ways but when people were given the option to try full or sample size, many went with sample sizes. Overall, this was the start of having the taste tradition.

Beer Gardens

To beer, or not to beer? Obviously, to have a refreshing beer with your food was the answer. The change to offering a glass of wine or beer with your food created an experience that allowed many attendees to enjoy. 

This year, Taste of Edmonton increased its liquor license capacity. What does that mean for you? It means you aren’t confined to a small space to have your beer or glass of wine. We can cheer for that! 

What other people are saying about Taste of Edmonton

“Love sampling different foods. 
Wish portions were smaller “tastes” so could sample more!”

-Linda B.  


“Every year you experience Edmonton’s great Food Culture. 
You meet so many great people while sampling the offerings of our fine City.”

-Vicki L.


See you soon at Taste of Edmonton! ?

-Taste of Edmonton Team ?