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Langano Skies Ethiopian Restaurant

Vendor Details - For organization in build
Booth: 5
Menu Option 1
Siga Tibs (Beef Stir-Fry) w/ Injera
Tickets: 3
Menu Option 2
Yemisir Kik Wot (Spicy Lentils) w/ Injera
Tickets: 3
Chef Profile
Chef Name: Amsale Sumamo

Owner & Chef Amsale Sumamo was born in northern Ethiopia and migrated to Canada in 1983 where she found herself learning to cook the same dishes she enjoyed throughout her upbringing in Ethiopia, as she adapted to life in a new country.

When Amsale and her husband Paul opened Langano Skies in 2004 their dream was to bring the unique traditions of Ethiopian cuisine to Canadians wanting to try a new experience. With communal platters of stews, sauces & stir-fry's, utensils are an afterthought as each bite is enjoyed with our delicious injera bread, made from scratch in-house!

To enjoy, rip-off a small piece of the injera bread from the roll and use it to scoop up a flavorful bite from your plate.

Melkam Megeb!

(Amharic for Bon Appetit!)

Vendor Description:

Langano Skies Ethiopian Restaurant is a family owned restaurant located on Whyte Avenue and 99th Street. For 15 years, owners Paul & Amsale Sumamo have had the pleasure of serving Edmonton with authentic food from their homeland of Ethiopia.

Now a staple in the east end of Whyte Avenue, Langano Skies was recently once again awarded the Edmonton's Journal Readers' Choice Award for "Best African Restaurant" and is thrilled to be returning to Taste of Edmonton to share delicious Ethiopian food with YEG!

Contact Information
5308 Hillview Crescent, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6L 2E4