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Afghan Foods

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Vendor Details - For organization in build
Booth: 29
Menu Option 1
Bolani - Thin Crust Stuffed w/ Potatoes
Tickets: 3
Menu Option 2
Mantu - Dumpling Filled w/ Beef Mixed w/ Onion & Spices
Tickets: 3
Vendor Description:

Afghan Chopan Kebab is the first Afghani restaurant in Edmonton, Alberta serving Afghani dishes. Our Mission is to serve you with the healthiest, freshest and the most authentic Afghani cuisine in town. Let our friendly wait staff bring the wonder and beauty of Afghanistan to your table, and make your next dining experience spectacular!

Whether you like your food spicy or mild, Afghan Cuisine has something sure to delight your taste. We proudly serve our customers with affordable freshly prepared meals and desserts.

All the meat is 100% Halal.

Experience the cuisine of Afghanistan and be instantly transported thousands of miles by the exotic flavors. We invite you to come to experience our carefully prepared authentic dishes from the history of Afghanistan.

Contact Information
11819 - 40 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6J 0R8