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Blue Willow Restaurant

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Vendor Details - For organization in build
Booth: 17
Menu Option 1
Mandarin Stew (Beef, Chicken, or Vegetarian)
Tickets: 3
Menu Option 2
Cumin Shredded Potato
Tickets: 3
Vendor Description:

Welcome to the Blue Willow Restaurant. We are proud to be one of Edmonton’s longest family-run restaurants with over 60 years of experience. Over the years we have been proud recipients of the Best Business Award, Vue Weekly’s Golden Fork Award, and Where Magazine’s Most Memorable Meal Award.


Come in and experience our savory Asian dishes as our personable and colorful staff treat you to a relaxing evening in the warmth of our dining room.

Contact Information
11107 - 103 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5K 2P1