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Buok Fresh

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Vendor Details - For organization in build
Booth: 40
Menu Option 1
Bibim Noodles (Korean noodle salad in Korean Chili Sauce)
Tickets: 3
Menu Option 2
Kimbab (Korean Nori & Rice Roll)
Tickets: 3
Vendor Description:

BUOK means Kitchen in the Korean Language. The kitchen is the heart of the home. Their wholesome fresh food is inspired by and guided by their mom’s kitchen. Food crafted with Love and Tradition.


We started Buok Fresh Korean Kitchen to showcase quality Korean food we grew-up eating. We envisioned bringing a wider palate of flavors to our customers through our food.  Food that is wholesome and made with quality ingredients. Food that is flavorful and good for you. Our casual environment reflects that Korean food can be enjoyed everyday.

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