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Curry Vibes

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Vendor Details - For organization in build
Booth: 34
Menu Option 1
Mango Chicken w/ Coconut Basmati Rice
Tickets: 3
Menu Option 2
Fish Pakora
Tickets: 3
Vendor Description:

Indian cuisine is the most diverse cuisine in the world but sometimes the perception is that Indian food is just “curry”. The heritage of Indian cuisine goes back thousands of years and boasts of an assorted menu of cuisines.

“Indian food” is synonymous with ‘curry, naan bread, and pappadams’, there is certainly more to it.

This spicy gravy generally knows as curry is made of a number of different spices and herbs with subtle variations across different dishes.

To create an urban, youthful Indian cuisine brand that will attract a variety of clients ranging from office employees, urban dwellers to neighboring residential and commercial suburbs. With a fusion of different flavor and serving styles, Curry Vibes will offer a balance between fine curry and positive vibrations.

Contact Information
10827 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5J 5G9