Green Taste, Green Planet


Is the grass a little greener at Taste of Edmonton? ?


Taste of Edmonton provides the #YEG community through food, free entertainment, and tons of summer fun! But have you ever wondered where the garbage from Taste of Edmonton is going? With all of the paper plates, cups, and utensils, there is a lot of garbage that is generated from this 11-day festival. However, Taste of Edmonton stands by supporting an environmentally friendly environment. This ranges from how we dispose of the waste to solar-powered charging stations.


Our Greener Initiatives This Year 

Everything we do at the festival is to try and keep nature looking as beautiful as always. At Taste of Edmonton, we are working on a number of initiatives such as reducing waste on site, reducing paper waste, 

Reducing Waste Onsite

96% of waste generated from Taste of Edmonton is recyclable. 

-2018 Taste of Edmonton Stats


GFL Environmental Inc. is the number one pick for Taste of Edmonton. This solid waste management company does it all. They collect, transport, transfer, recycle and disposes of the waste collected. For more information, play the short video below or check out the GFL website on how they are making our planet a greener one. 

Reducing Paper Waste

Another initiative we are working on this year is reducing our paper waste. To reduce the paper trail, this year we are working with Crowdblink to provide mobile tickets. Check out the Crowdblink blog to see the benefits and how you can save not only time but the planet too. 

Solar-Powered Charging Station

With our efforts to reduce paper waste, we understand that mobile tickets could drain your phone. No one likes a low-battery, especially when you’re in the middle of taking that Snapchat selfie to use our Taste of Edmonton filter.

We are working with Grengine (Green + Engine) to provide you, not only just a seating area, but a spot to charge your phones on the “G-bench”. Inside the bench contains a portable battery that runs on solar power energy. For more information about this mean green, energizing machine click here! 


Now, it might be safe to say that the grass is a little greener at Taste of Edmonton!


See you there! ?

-Taste of Edmonton Team ?