Tickets in a Blink

A revolutionary way to experience Taste of Edmonton through the Crowdblink App


Taste of Edmonton has been running for 35 years and we decided it was time to try something new. This year, we are providing three different ways to experience the festival. Taste tickets are going mobile through the Crowdblink Patron App, which gives you the opportunity to skip the ticket booth lines! But if you don’t want to use your phone we also have thermal tickets (a QR code in a lanyard) and some traditional physical tickets.


Crowdblink is a software company that specializes in cryptography. Crowdblink has introduced a technology platform that has been architected for apps to be built upon it. The Crowdblink platform uses its own proprietary hybrid operating system that incorporates decentralizing technologies into centralized structures.


Did that make any sense? Not really? That’s okay!

All you need to know is that the Crowdblink app secures all your information, making your secure purchases easier and simpler. As technology is constantly changing, safety and security issues always arise. However, the Crowdblink platform eliminates all ticket scalping, fraud, and bots. Which makes Crowdblink’s products safe and a perfect fit for Taste of Edmonton!


How is it going to work at Taste of Edmonton?

  1. You download the Crowdblink Patron App on your phone.
  2. Click on Taste of Edmonton and purchase tickets (Presales are only being sold in bundles of 40 sheets).
  3. At the event, you bring up the QR code and the vendors will scan it at their booth.
  4. The app will show your remaining ticket quantity.
  5. When you run out of tickets, you can easily purchase more by reloading your account in the app. Or you can donate your extra tickets near the ticket booths.

What are some cool features Crowdblink can do?

  1. Don’t like waiting in long lines? Skip them using the app!
  2. You can transfer the tickets. This can be given to your friends and family because sharing is caring.
  3. Need information? The Crowdblink app has all of the event info. in your pocket.


If you are wondering how the app would work, check out the link below to demo what it is like to use the Crowdblink App:


See you soon at Taste of Edmonton!

-Taste of Edmonton Team