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Local Charities & Non-Profits

Events Edmonton is a proud supporter of local charities and non-profit organizations. For many years we have built close relationships with these groups and we are happy to say that our collaborations bring real benefits to both sides.

Taste of Edmonton is a great opportunity to raise funds for your non-profit or charity organization.

We are always looking for new partners to join the fun. We will provide your organization with an honorarium, acknowledgment on our charity signage and, pending full bookings, the opportunity to promote your cause in our charity booth. Taste of Edmonton also provides benefits for your volunteers:

  • Taste of Edmonton tickets
  • Snacks and beverages from our volunteer patio overlooking the event
  • Volunteer t-shirts
  • Free Proserve and ProTect online course (each takes approx. 3 to 4 hours). The certificate is valid for 5 years, in your name, and valid at any other venue.
  • General training by Events Edmonton
  • Fun, food, music, and meeting new people

What our charity partners had to say:

  • The amount given helps provide crucial care for those in our city suffering from homelessness, freedom from drugs/alcohol addiction and loss of vital supports.
  • The structure of volunteer work for an honorarium is unique and also provides purpose for our men who help out.
  • For our club this honorarium means that we can keep our club running. If we didn’t get the honorarium then we may not continue to do this work.
  • The honorarium exclusively provides the revenue to support our volunteer recruitment, orientation and appreciation expenses.
  • Taste of Edmonton’s invitation creates opportunity for the youth to be included in volunteerism on par with other Edmontonians.
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